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Prestige provides valet and parking services for special events, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels. We want to help bring success to your business or social events. Our staff at Prestige Valet provide a comfortable, convenient, and safe parking environment for you and your guests. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations in and treat every guest with prestige. To request service Please Click here



For Over 25 years , Prestige Valet has been a full service parking management company. We are dedicated in building trust and value for our customers and their guests.


Hotel Valet Service

Hotels are always looking to improve their valet parking service. Guests need the right impressions created during arrival and departure. Thats were we come in, we offer a Ticketless professional service which is efficient, polished and safe.

Prestige Valet Parking Services has the expertise to provide valet parking services expertly. We assure you of world-class Valet Parking Services Company, while creating the best experience.

  • Bellman Service
  • Concierge Service
  • Parking Lot Attendents
  • Shuttle Service
  • Limo service
  • Security


Restaurant Valet Service

Restaurants look for a trustworthy experienced valet companies to come in on a daily basis for lunch, and dinner to take care of there restaurant patrons. They also look for the way the employees are uniformed and how they look.  Prestige provides the best valet experience possible.  Our company has many years of experience working with high end and upscale restaurants in the Galleria, Downtown, River Oaks and other parts of Houston. Below is what we provide all of our customers. 

  • Valet Parkers
  • Podium/Key Box
  • Umbrellas
  • Ticketless Valet Using SMS
  • Charge per car or Complementary Service Options
  • Insurance

Private Events

Private events require a special valet parking team that is trained to identify the best way to maximize the amount of parking spaces that are given.  Also our team will make sure to send an adequate amount of Valet runners to insure a smooth and safe event.  Each event is personally looked over by the owner of Prestige Valet.  He will look at the property using Google Earth ,or he will do a site inspection at the physical property for quality insurance.

  • Valet Parkers
  • Portable Key Box
  • Valet Tickets
  • Valet Signage
  • Umbrellas
  • Optional Redcarpet 

Valet Parking Service Locations


Restaurant Service


Private Events





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Ticketless Valet is the Future for Valet Parking. Prestige Valet can help implement this system at your Business, High-rise, and Hotel. To help protect guests and employees from Covid-19. Contact us today for more information.